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The Friends of the Grand Connection (FOGC) is a group of stakeholders who rallied together in 2023 to advance the vision for an iconic Grand Connection crossing over I-405 to a 2028 completion. More specifically, FOGC will be the lead group in both advocating for the project and assisting with fundraising. This is a goal-focused group that will build and maintain the project’s momentum by serving as the primary stakeholder organization working alongside the City of Bellevue and project's cheerleader promoting excitement and awareness. 

To achieve the momentum necessary to achieve the 2028 completion goal, the FOGC has established an organizational structure with three bodies led by co-chairs.


FOGC Organizational Bodies

Executive Committee – A 11-member group of strategic thinkers guiding the FOGC’s work. This committee convenes on a frequent basis to track the latest information, discuss issues, provide direction, monitor political winds, and chart funding strategies. 

Steering Committee – A broader group of local leaders with diverse background that serve as an ad-hoc advisory group, coalition of well-respected advocates to promote the project, and liaisons building and expanding the stakeholder network that’ll attract donors.

Organizational Partners – A growing list of businesses and non-profit groups located in Bellevue and around the region that want show the community their excitement and solidarity behind the project. 

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